About WebPageTest

Building high quality web experiences for users is at the core of all our efforts. With WebPageTest, we strive to provide performance products and resources to our global and growing community of developers, third-party platforms, technical consultants and others. WebPage as a tool was originally developed by Patrick Meenan while he was at AOL for use internally and was open-sourced in 2008 under a BSD license. The online version at www.webpagetest.org is run for the benefit of the performance community.

WebPageTest was acquired in September of 2020 by Catchpoint, the leading Digital Experience Monitoring platform providing Synthetic Monitoring, Real User Measurement, Network Monitoring, and Endpoint Monitoring products.

The acquisition starts a new and exciting chapter as we plan to expand WebPageTest’s capabilities and WebPageTest.org’s geographical performance testing footprint, leveraging Catchpoint’s best-in-class infrastructure, adding capacity and improving consistency and quality of analytics. You can read more about Catchpoint’s acquisition of WebPageTest here.

The WebPageTest code is free to use under the Polyform Shield license, a source-available license. As long as you are not creating a product or service that competes with Catchpoint’s offerings then you are free to do whatever you like with the WebPageTest code, including using it for your own internal use or creating non-competing commercial products from it. In fact, we encourage using the WebPageTest code to build your own value-added applications. Read more here.

If you are having any problems or just have questions about the site, please feel free to contact us. If you are considering sending advertising opportunities, SEO/SEM solicitations, link sharing, etc....don't. We won't respond and will mark it as spam.